What happens when you don’t market your business?

Can your business grow or prosper if you don’t do any marketing?

An oft-repeated mantra in the business world is that without marketing, no business can flourish.

However, with no marketing at all, what happens?

The short answer is that most people won’t notice your lack of marketing — but…

New Year Marketing

Let’s start the new year with a review/renew of your investor relations and public relations.

Every investor relations manager is looking forward to the new year with excitement. They are hoping for some changes in the market, not only so they can have more opportunities to show off their investor…

Is AI the new way to go in marketing?

As AI is becoming more and more popular, many people are asking themselves whether AI can be useful for marketing.

Before answering this question, let’s make a step back to understand how AI works. Simply put, AI marketing is a method of leveraging intelligence technologies to collect data, customer insights…

How can I optimize my marketing efforts?

There are a variety of ways that companies can enhance their marketing efforts in order to improve their investor relations, public relations, and media relations.

One way is to make use of investor relations firms to help convey the importance of what the…

Pristine Advisers

We offer high-level expertise in the Investor Relations /PR/Media Relations field. Placing clients in front of print, broadcast and social media outlets.

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