It doesn’t take a genius to realize the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses. And while you focus on keeping your business running, it is easy to lose sight of business relations and marketing — especially when you’re not meeting your investors and clients in person, as you once might have been.

How has your business faired through Covid-19 times?

There have been no face-to-face meetings or in-person relationship building/networking events for what seems like an eternity. Marketing decisions driven by the need to comply with restrictions, rather than the needs of the business, have left many businesses with an uphill battle to get back on…

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Investor Relations Websites

If you are looking to attract investors, the key is to create a website that displays your company’s story and provides timely, accurate, and helpful information.

The website is the first place the investor visits to learn about your company. Therefore, stepping into your investor’s shoes helps you figure out the content the website should display. To help you accomplish this, this blog will break down the must-have elements on an investor’s website.

Must-Haves for an IR Website:

Strong Home Page

The home page of any website can make or break a user’s experience. Hence, it is critical to strengthen…

Great Fund Managers Know the Power of Being Great Explainers

Is there a subject more complex than astrophysics or its theoretical counterpart? Is there a discipline more dependent on sophisticated mathematics — equations of great length and intricacy — that requires the practitioners of this science, the high priests of this elite order, to translate the symbols and numbers of one language into intelligible material for the masses?

If physicists can do this, and the best among them can do this with ease and eloquence, then why are so many fund managers unable — or unwilling — to do likewise…

Attracting the Attention of Investors: It Starts with Credibility

If you are a fund manager, you have three responsibilities: Outperform the market, and retain existing investors and attract new ones.

Without positive media relations, in the absence of counsel from an experienced investor relations expert, those prospective investors will not appear — they will never make themselves available — on behalf of some otherwise (mostly) anonymous fund; because those same investors, the ones fund managers crave to meet, will not surrender a cent — never mind a nickel or a dime — when they know nothing about what you, that…

The Two Reasons Why Fund Managers Fail

Investment funds do not spontaneously generate their own growth, attracting new investors with ease and retaining existing ones with convenience.

They do not distinguish themselves from tens of thousands of — or hundreds of thousands of — alternatives by performance alone, as if the hard work of expressing a fund’s strengths is something anyone can do; thereby making the technical general, and the complex simple, by issuing nothing more than an email or a publishing post on social media; as if the sophisticated courtship between a fund manager and a journalist or analyst…

Explain This to Me Like I’m a Two-Year-Old

Some advice to fund managers: If you cannot explain what you do — if you find it impossible not to use technical terms to describe your job — then your results, no matter how great or consistent they are, will not be powerful enough to attract new investors — because people buy what they know, they invest in what they understand, and they encourage others to do likewise.

If, in other words, you cannot explain this — and by this, I mean what you do — like your listener is a two-year-old…

If You Can’t Promote Your Investment Fund with Ease, It’s Wrong

A simple rule: If you cannot explain what your investment fund does — if you cannot translate technical details into intelligible facts — your results, no matter how impressive and separate from the stagnant or mediocre performance of the market as a whole, are irrelevant.

For investors make decisions based on what they can measure — and what they can understand.

If they find the latter indecipherable, and if they mistakenly believe what is (mostly) impenetrable to a lay audience is also incomprehensible to a group of financial experts…

Three Reasons Why Fund Managers Fail, Or: Stop the Insanity

Some of the most successful fund managers, with regard to performance, are failures: They struggle to attract new investors, they succumb to personal stress and they surrender to otherwise controllable forces — they are the victims of three avoidable circumstances, which render their results meaningless, their intelligence worthless and their reputation ruinous.

  • Silence Equals Death: Your Results Do Not Speak for Themselves

You can deliver triple-digit profits, beating the Street like a mathematical savant at a casino table in Las Vegas — the “Sin City” comparison is wrong because there…

Silence Encourages the Tormentor, Never the Tormented

Question: If you consistently outperform the market, if your fund beats the Street every year, but you do not promote your results — despite the need to attract new investors — how, may I ask, do you intend to achieve your goals while saying, and doing, nothing?

Do you think potential investors will scour The Wall Street Journal, lowering a ruler to run below and parallel to the published reports of your quarterly returns; and, in the midst of this financial epiphany, say to themselves, “This is the fund I must own”?


Successful Enough to Fail, Or: Why Fund Managers Must Become Financial Storytellers

I look at a hundred deals a day. I pick one.

— Gordon Gekko

Fact: Even in the most bearish conditions — even during the Great Depression, with the sidewalk serving as a landing pad for suicidal stockbrokers; and even during the Great Recession, with investment banks closing, half-built homes and subdivisions literally collapsing and crises throughout the land — there are still fund managers with a successful return on investment.

But, and there is always a point of qualification to outliers of this kind, those fund managers…

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