Three Reasons Why Fund Managers Fail, Or: Stop the Insanity

Some of the most successful fund managers, with regard to performance, are failures: They struggle to attract new investors, they succumb to personal stress and they surrender to otherwise controllable forces — they are the victims of three avoidable circumstances, which render their results meaningless, their intelligence worthless and their reputation ruinous.

You can deliver triple-digit profits, beating the Street like a mathematical savant at a casino table in Las Vegas — the “Sin City” comparison is wrong because there, seated before that horseshoe-shaped table of green velvet with your color-coded rows of chips, you would at least have an audience to marvel at your genius while various box and floor managers cast a suspicious eye (and voice their concerns into the microphones fastened to their respective lapels) toward your computer-like ability to defy the odds.

On Wall Street, there are tens of thousands of brilliant fund managers; which is to say, with due apologies to your mother and father, and notwithstanding the Niagara of accolades from high school teachers, and college and graduate school professors, your results alone are not enough to draw investors your way; your numbers are silent, in an environment where the principal sounds are the ringing of the opening and closing bell, and the shouts of traders on the floor.

If you are a great communicator, you would not have a problem retaining current — and finding potential — investors. This assertion is not a criticism of your ability to write or speak; it is, instead, a chance for you to lead by assigning specific tasks to particular professionals — an opportunity for you to concentrate your talent on converting the movement of the market, from its meandering path to its rapid descent to its tranquil stability to its shoals of volatility, into huge returns.

This consultant has one chief responsibility: To act as the Great Explainer, to transform those numbers — your numbers — into intelligible and compelling prose; to establish your presence with financial reporters, analysts and key industry commentators; to make you a success.

Now, let us begin.

We offer high-level expertise in the Investor Relations /PR/Media Relations field. Placing clients in front of print, broadcast and social media outlets.

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