Here’s why you must have IR/PR

Investor Relations and Public Relations has been around for a long time now and rightly so. It provides companies with a strong base for seeking investors and managing existing investor relationships. IR/PR is a dynamic, effective approach towards boosting the growth of a business.

However, in today’s times, it has become more important than ever.

In these unprecedented times of the pandemic, every company is facing challenges in managing investor relations and public relations. The traditional way of meeting investors and cultivating a relationship over time has been rendered obsolete by the pandemic. Several other aspects of managing public relations and communicating with the financial markets have also been rendered useless. Restrictions on travel, lockdown in cities across the globe has made it difficult to consistently follow up on IR/PR.

If your business is facing the same challenges, then you must consider an IR/PR firm.

Investor Relations and Public Relations (IR/PR) firms are engaged in crafting and implementing an effective strategy for companies to communicate with shareholders, investors, government, regulatory bodies and even the financial community. These firms are specialized in managing investor and public relations and have expert teams at hand.

Here’s how an IR/PR firm can help you position your business for growth in times of COVID –

· Bridging the gap — Due to the pandemic, most businesses are experiencing a serious gap in communication with stakeholders. Traditional methods of communication are gone and there is chaos in business. It is also resulting in the companies losing trust in the financial markets. Hiring an IR/PR firm to take care of the investor relations will lead to bridging this gap and reinstating stakeholder confidence in the business.

· Increasing goodwill — An effective IR/PR strategy backed by proper implementation can have significant impact in increasing the goodwill of a business in the financial markets. Communicating required details from time to time with the financial markets is important to create a name for the business. However, it is also important to understand how, when and what to communicate. An IR/PR firm can help answer these questions and raise a company’s profile. It is a sure shot way of creating long-term value for shareholders.

· Mechanism for brand building — Crisp, clear communication of information and facts with the customers and public at large is an integral part of brand building. An IR/PR firm can tap into its assets and expertise to build a narrative that the business wants around itself and its products. It leads to creation of a strong mechanism for brand building.

It has become essential to have a strong IR/PR strategy for your business if you want to not just survive but thrive in these chaotic, challenging times. If you are looking to hire an IR/PR firm, consider Pristine Advisors. It is an award-winning firm with over 33+ years of experience. It has strong contacts and assets that have helped them enable growth of businesses across industries and sectors. You can visit their website here —

Wishing you health and success in these chaotic times.

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider


Pristine Advisers

Tel: 631–756–2486 | Fax: 646–478–9415


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