Attracting the Attention of Investors: It Starts with Credibility

If you are a fund manager, you have three responsibilities: Outperform the market, and retain existing investors and attract new ones.

Without positive media relations, in the absence of counsel from an experienced investor relations expert, those prospective investors will not appear — they will never make themselves available — on behalf of some otherwise (mostly) anonymous fund; because those same investors, the ones fund managers crave to meet, will not surrender a cent — never mind a nickel or a dime — when they know nothing about what you, that fund manager with an ambitious financial appetite, do; they will not read your prospectus, nor will they review whatever unsolicited materials you send their way, because they do not care — they have no time to concern themselves about you.

It is my job to make those investors listen to you; it is my responsibility, strengthened by experience and sustained by my encounters with these groups, to prepare you to speak to these people.

Simply stated, you will not find — and you should not waste your time and money trying to find — these investors, because if you know who they are — and they know who you are — then there would be no need for this seminar of sorts.

The fact is, you need a professional to grant your request, as you develop the skills about what to say, and when and how to say it.

Put another way: If you will not invest in investor relations, and if you refuse to acknowledge the value of this investment, then you will not have a relationship with investors.

Invest wisely.

We offer high-level expertise in the Investor Relations /PR/Media Relations field. Placing clients in front of print, broadcast and social media outlets.

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