Common mistakes to avoid in IR

Investor Relations (IR) is one of the most important parts of the business. It is because the IR combines all the company departments, i.e., finance, marketing, and communication, to control the flow of information outside the company, which is to the general public, investors, and other stakeholders.

Investors play a key role in the growth of the company. That is why a company needs to maintain a good, transparent, and strong relationship with these investors. IR teams work mainly to deliver information to the investors about the strategic plans, investment plans, and other share related information. …

How To Prepare PR In Today’s Time?

When we talk about Public Relations (PR), we see that it has gone through some significant transitions. It does not look like the PR of yesterday at all. It is primarily because media and communications have never stayed in one place in the industry. It moves quickly, and advanced technology and social media have acted as catalysts to make these changes even quicker. The audience’s expectations have also changed. Now the audience requires an increased level of authenticity, trust, and genuineness. Thus, it leaves the PR practices with no other choice but to evolve before they go obsolete.

Not All Of It Is Lost

Now, if…

Finding the Right Investors for your Company

Finding an investor might not be as difficult as it used to be several years ago, however, finding the right investor is still a tricky concept. One of the most challenging aspects of IR/PR is to find the right investors for the company.

Finding the right institutional investors for your business is crucial to the success of your IR/PR strategy. Not only does it help in adding immense value to your company’s shareholder base but it is also very helpful in raising your company’s corporate profile. When big corporate and institutional investors decide…

How is Bad PR Detrimental?

All businesses need to effectively manage their reputations. A falling reputation is harmful to the firm. To prevent this, firms need to have dedicated Public Relations (PR) departments. However, if this department is effective, the reputation of a business can be terminally harmed. We will talk about the consequences of bad PR in detail but first, let’s look at what the role of PR is.

What is the Role of Public Relations?

Public Relations deals with shaping the image of an organization in front of people. The Public Relations (PR) department has a crucial role…

How has RegFD evolved? SEC’s Rules On How to Use Social Media

The SEC’s RegFD (Securities Exchange Act — Regulation Fair Disclosure), which went into effect in 2000, restricts “selective disclosure.” It, therefore, enforces public businesses to make important information available through widely accessible channels. This means that RegFD allowed only press releases, EDGAR filings, and quarterly earnings calls to be publicized thirteen years ago.

However, as the corporate practices evolved, SEC RegFD also adapted to social media usage. Nevertheless, under RegFD compliance, one must be highly cautious of their sharing on social media handles. …

3 Tips to Combine ESG and Strategic PR

Over the past few years, socially conscious investors have started rigorously screening companies on the basis of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. From institutional investors to retail shareholders, an increasing number of people are becoming aware about ESG and prefer to align with companies that rank high on the ESG scale. Several mutual fund houses, including Fidelity and Vanguard, are running exclusive mutual funds that comprise of investments in ESG-compliant businesses.

The pandemic has also significantly affected people’s perception of ESG as it has brought to fore important subject areas such…

How to measure the success of an Investor Relations Program?

Investor and public relation programs are at the heart of an organisation’s success; they gain more prominence in case of organisations looking to grow and diversify. A successful IR/PR program aims to do three things –

· Communicate with existing and potential investors

· Capture new capital through institutional and retail investors alike

· Create and maintain a brand image for the business in the financial markets

However, while the work of an IR/PR program is clear, what is unclear is the way to measure the success of such a…

How Has Investor Relations Evolved?

Investor Relations (IR) has evolved significantly over the last 15 years. Most of the change came during the 2007 financial crisis. IR used to be a part of public relations; however, it has become an important position on its own now. It is now an essential part of companies all around the world. Companies that wish to attract serious investment capital and boost liquidity have a well-rounded investor relations program.

A few decades ago, we could see investor relations officers being tasked with communicating with the company’s investors about which events could have a possible…

Digital marketing trends that you did not know about

With the chaos that plagues us in 2019 and 2020, we are now finally getting some time to catch a breath. Things have changed drastically around the world with the pandemic and current global situation. People are relying heavily on digital mediums to communicate, learn and connect with each other. Businesses are also on the same bandwagon and using digital means to their fullest potential. To leave a mark in the market, they have to make sure they are following the latest trends in the marketing world.

Marketing is the way to create customers and keep existing ones happy; over…

In the world where we live today, all publicity is not good publicity. Today, the stakeholders are more empowered than ever. They have several forums to voice their words, including social media platforms, company’s website, and several review forums. It means that the company needs to be cautious with every customer. One lost customer not only means revenue loss, but it can also harm your brand image and reduce sales opportunities. It is mainly because most customers go through reviews online about the company and its products before buying a product or service. …

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